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Here’s how wheatgrass can bring the amazing changes in your health.


You may have heard a lot of benefits of wheatgrass, today let’s have a reality check on what the super food actually has to offer. Did you know that 40ML of wheatgrass juice has the same nutrients as 1Kg Vegetables? No, these aren’t just baseless claims; these are actually scientifically based facts. Our body tends to store many toxins; wheatgrass has the required elements to detoxify the collected impurities.


 Wheatgrass has the following beneficial properties:

  • It helps in lowering cholesterol levels

A survey found that every third person on the earth has high cholesterol rate. A person with high cholesterol is highly vulnerable to heart related and many alarming diseases. An experiment was carried out on rats with high cholesterol levels, in this experiment these rats were given wheatgrass juice. It was found out that the bad cholesterol level in the rats went down. Many other such experiments on animals has proven that wheatgrass boosts good cholesterol level and reduces bad cholesterol level.

  • It is a nutritionally rich Indian super food.

 Wheatgrass has a potent combination of numerous nutrients like magnesium, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc. The boundless combination of these and many more nutrients makes it the perfect match for a recommended super food in our diet. 

  • It detoxifies our body

The chlorophyll pigment present in wheatgrass helps in flushing out the impurities. After detoxification, you may notice that you feel less sluggish and much more energetic.

Here’s how wheatgrass can bring the amazing changes in your health.

  • It helps in improving your immune system

The incredible combination of all the crucial vitamins, antioxidants and 17 types of amino acids makes wheatgrass a super-food, and its intake may result in improving your immune systems. When our body has a strong immune system, our strength to fight back diseases also becomes stronger, and we recover quickly.

  • It helps in improving mental health and function.

It is observed that wheatgrass has helped in improving overall mental functioning, avoiding amnesia (loss of memory) and fighting anxiety. A person suffering Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from wheatgrass due its neuro-protective effects.

  • It helps to fight with diabetes

Diabetic patients have shown improvement in sugar level in blood, after consumption of wheatgrass which is due to presence of compounds in wheatgrass which show effect which resembles affect caused by insulin.

Here’s how wheatgrass can bring the amazing changes in your health.

  • It helps in weight loss

Various studies have found out that thylakoids (present in green vegetables) in wheatgrass makes our stomach easily full and reduce our hunger which in turn helps in weight loss.

  • It helps in the improvement of eyesight

If you have glasses and want to say good bye to them or want to prevent yourself from getting any in the future, then wheatgrass may be one of your best options out there since it contains two times the total amount of Vitamin A which is present in carrots.

  • It helps in treating cancer

According to many test tube based researches, wheatgrass could help to kill cancer cells. In many instances wheatgrass killed almost half of the cancer cells within a few days. Wheatgrass consumption along with conventional cancer treatment gives the best results.

 Here’s how wheatgrass can bring the amazing changes in your health.


Our little blog cannot do justice to the benefits of this green super food. From face masks for skin care to being a savior to prevent life threatening diseases, wheatgrass must surely be included in our diet. Do you know Kedia Organic is supplying wheatgrass in Mumbai from last 20 years ,you can buy wheatgrass online in Mumbai , Thane , Navi- Mumbai and get it delivered right at your doorsteps. Kedia Organic also delivers fresh wheatgrass juice in Mumbai , Thane & Navi - Mumbai. You can call them and understand how to make wheatgrass juice from fresh wheatgrass. 



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