Happy Farmers

Meet The Happy Farmers Who Grow Your Food:

Gauri Aaji, from Murbad.

Meet Aaji, the 86 year old expert Organic Farmer at KOAF.
Aaji has spent close to six decades on the field and is practically an organic farming celebrity for us. Like any elder of the family, she creates a homely environment on the farm. She guides, commands, and keeps everyone together. Ever since she joined us, she took the farm under her wing and made it what it is today. She’s a highly confident and experienced asset on the field and in the training area. Her forte is helping novice farmers learn the art and science of Organic Farming.

“I belonged to a very strict family. Women were not supposed to work out of the house. Kedia Organics gave me total freedom to follow my heart and take important decisions on the farm. They take care of all the little things for me. Gardening is my hobby so they’ve even given me a patch of land where I can have my own little garden.”

Aaji believes that a healthy lifestyle begins with healthy & organic food. If you ask her the secret to her long & healthy life, she’ll tell you, “It’s what I ate growing up. I cooked millets like ragi, jowar, and bajra in a mud pot with water, mixed it with curd, and had it with crunchy onions & green chillies”. Aaji also travels alone to meet other farmers and teach them the nuances of organic farming. She wishes to spread the organic slow food revolution till the day she can stand on her own two feet. “Even today, I wake up before the sun, wash my face, and go around the village once. I cannot sit still. I don’t believe that age can be the barrier to anything and always remember that there can never be a substitute for hard work.”

“माझी मलु ेखपू नाव कमावत” ~ She works at this age to set an example for her grandchildren. She wants them to study really hard and be successful in life.

Parsuram Kaka, from Goveli.

Meet the legend, who has served KOAF for 20+ years.
He’s been dedicated & true to organic farming this entire time. Kaka is a master multitasker.

His expertise is ‘Hand Weeding’ but he also handles Plantation, Irrigation, and helps us perfectly train younger farmers. He’s our in-house forecaster & very own ‘Google Chacha’.

Always has the perfect solution to all our farming problems. Who needs technology when we’ve got him? Kaka’s truly a God-sent. His deep understanding of soil and climatic conditions surprises us every time! Apart from his usual duties, he also takes care of the cows and makes sure they are well-fed, clean, and comfortable.





Usha Tai, from Kolam Gaon.

Meet Usha Tai, a highly accomplished farmer and a great mother to 3 daughters. Yet another female farmer at KOAF who is an inspiration to all womenfolk. She’s an expert at organic cultivation of Turmeric, Sweet potato, Ginger, and Spring Onions. Tai has set the standard pretty high for all our farmers by not missing a single day of work in ____ years!

“KOAF helps me sell my produce at the best prices. They’ve made a small cabin for my family to live at the farm and also help my daughters with school supplies. We are quite happy and secure now, but it’s my dream to have a house of my own someday. I will continue to work hard every day to provide the best future for my family." With her tireless dedication and devotion to farming, Usha Tai ensures that pure organic food reaches as many Indian households as possible.

Jay, from Assam.

Meet Jay, the youngest farmer at KOAF who migrated to Mumbai looking for a fulfilling opportunity. With his exceptional skills and an appetite to learn, he has successfully become an integral part of our family. Growing up in Assam gave him an upper hand in the best organic farming practices.

He specializes in cultivating Immunity boosters- Wheatgrass, Microgreens, and all kinds of Leafy Vegetables. Jay’s forte is cultivating top-notch produce in the toughest of conditions. With his modern skills and unique techniques, he solves even the most arduous challenges.

“KOAF has embraced me as one of their own. I stay here with my mom and brother. We have access to organic food, shelter, and medical aid. I feel secure, my hard work is always appreciated, and we have a big family at the farm. What else can one ask for?” Jay is highly motivated and works very hard to support his brother’s higher studies.

Rupesh, from Rayata Gaon.

Meet Rupesh, a loyal member of the KOAF family. He’s been with us for more than 5 years. His brother Pravin is the head Gau Sevak here. Rupesh manages the farm and runs a very tight ship. Nothing slips past him. “I love my job. I am a bit particular, but a farm this size has to be managed well, and that requires me to be very careful." He keeps everyone in check and likes the farm to be perfect. But he is also equally supporting and helpful to all the staff members.

"All KOAF members are my family. We live together, farm together, harvest together. This has created a very special bond between us. I like to help them all as much as I can, especially the younger farmers.”

Rupesh has made sure that he masters every concept involving the farm. Apart from farming, he is also an expert at managing cows. No wonder he is our go-to guy for everything. He personally oversees all visits and gets really excited to show visitors around on the farm.