Project Anndaan:

On her way home from the mandir, Shrimati Radha Devi Kedia witnessed a handful of hungry, destitute, and homeless folk asking for food. The next day, she decided to help and prepared daal, rice, roti, and sabzi for 15 people. They gathered at our packhouse in Kalyan to have a peaceful meal.

That was just the beginning of Project Anndaan.

Slowly, word spread and people started congregating there in queues. Smt. Radha Devi kept up, served every person by hand, and spoke to them about their lives. She wished to take their pain away by eliminating their loneliness and hunger. Within a few months, she used to feed 200+ people every day with a team of 2 cooks.
She never stopped preparing those meals until she fell terminally ill. We hired help to take over the task when she couldn't. To honour her tradition and memory, my father started the Late Smt. Radha Devi Charitable Trust. Every Monday, since her passing in 1990, the Trust feeds hundreds of homeless people.
When covid hit, we found new ways to deliver food to the homeless commune and keep the tradition alive. Apart from feeding the homeless, LSRDT also donates funds for creating shelters that adopt and feed abandoned cows, and feed pigeons.