Humans of KOAF

The success of our farm based venture lies within the hands of our farmers. Our team of farmers does not just practice organic farming but they have an intense love for the plants that makes it more special. Understanding them will allow you to understand more about our organization and produce.


Dinesh Om-Prakash Kedia


Mr. Dinesh Om-Prakash Kedia is our founder-farmer who sowed the seeds for Kedia Organics. Being a philanthropist, he had an innate love for farming, food and nature.  So despite being the main stockbroker in The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) with a degree,  he took upon his passion for farming at a young age in a small land he bought near Mumbai. His realisation on the importance of organic farming, made him pursue it with a passion. His simplicity and ability to work in the fields despite his age has inspired a lot of other farmers to involve themselves in organic farming.


Nitin Dinesh Kedia


Born as a son of a Stockbroker who valued farming, Mr Nitin had the privilege of experiencing the benefits of consuming organic food. After completing his studies in the UK from Lancaster University, he joined hands with his father to develop Kedia organics to another level. His modern approach allowed Kedia organics to enter the digital platform which improved its popularity. His hard work and perseverance towards farming have reaped fruitful results.