1. KOAF x The Earth Saviour Foundation, Delhi.

Our dear friend; Manish Paul introduced us to this noble organization. The Earth Savior Foundation has been dedicated to serving the underprivileged, providing a home to mistreated animals, and protecting the environment. Every month, KOAF donates 100kgs of organic grains grown on its farms to TESF. Our humble offerings are dedicated to old-age homes and disability centers.

2. Workshops for kids.

In the pre-covid era, KOAF used to conduct farming workshops for school kids every month. When the Covid restrictions were lifted, we continued conducting our workshops with smaller batches following every precautionary guideline. We have tie-ups with neighboring playschools and activity classes to conduct farming workshops for kids. Our job is to make kids aware of organic farming techniques, give them hands-on experience in Farming, and help them develop a stable relationship with healthy food.

These are a few activities we conduct in our workshop:

  • Plant a Tree under your name
  • Mulberry plucking
  • Milking the cows
  • Farm animals meet and greet
  • Grow your own veggies
  • Pick your own produce


3. Corporate Visits.

Companies often gift their management and staff members stress-free picnics and weekend getaways on our farm. Our guests stay in our quaint cottage overlooking the river stream and the farm. They enjoy picking produce from our orange tree orchard and organic vegetable garden. Other activities during their stay include milking cows, working with farmers in paddy fields, going on nature trail hikes, learning how to make ghee traditionally, and star-gazing.