K Farms

Think, Heaven. But Better.

Imagine being woken up at the break of dawn by the cool farm breeze, the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees, and the sound of a gently flowing river. No car horns, no alarm clocks, no morning-dread.

Having the purest milk, and freshest fruits for breakfast. Taking long walks along the fields. Harvesting your own vegetables for lunch. Cooking your food amongst family and friends. Roaming around picking flowers, admiring grazing cows and the farmers’ kids playing in the sun. Lazily gazing at stars in the evening, and falling asleep as soon as you close your eyes. That’s the peace city-dwellers seek. And tucked away from the bustle of suburban life, lies that peace on our bonny little Farm.

Decades of love, care, & labour has turned it into a beautifully self-sufficient Organic ecosystem. A place we proudly call HOME.

Built on 2 strong pillars- Modern Technology & Sustainability, our farm is fully Organic-Certified and 100% Energy Efficient. With solar-powered Borewells, Auto Drip-Irrigation, Green Fertilizers, and Biodegradable Packaging; we plan to conserve our natural resources & completely neutralize our carbon footprint. Our farm supports 500+ farmer families, employs 50 people, is home to 60+ cows and 50,000+ crops, and grows 104 tons of food for our family and yours. Being practitioners of Primitive Cow-based & Regenerative Farming Techniques, our motto is: ‘Grow and Consume Responsibly.’ Our perishable produce is harvested in small batches for direct Home deliveries across Mumbai. And, our non-perishables are packed and stored, ready to ship out across India.