Gau Seva


Gau Seva

The farmers and Gau Sevaks share a special bond with our Cows. They also provide shelter to cows that are abandoned and look after them like their own family. The auspicious Festival of Gopashtami is celebrated with all pomp and joy by our nearby villagers and farmers. They worship the Gau-Mata, play bhajans, and feed them apples, watermelons, and jaggery granules. We pay obeisance to Gau sevaks who work tirelessly making sure that our gau mata are clean, well-fed, and allowed to move at will.

Here’s one such dedicated human we’d like to give credit to:
Pravin, from Rayata Gaon.

Meet Pravin, our most dedicated Gau Sevak.

“Gau Seva is in my blood. My father and grandfather were Gau Sevaks in their time. It is not a job for me. It’s my childhood passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.” Rearing cows is especially tedious during the monsoons. But Pravin has been meticulous even on rainy days. Every day, he gets up before the sun does and cuts caff for the cows. Talks to them.
From milking to bathing, massaging the cows, letting them move around the farm and graze without a worry- Pravin looks after everything. He’s constantly on his feet, playing bhajans to relax the cows every day, helping with births, and taking care of abandoned and sick cows. He treats them just like his kids. Pravin believes that milking the cows by hand, without the help of machinery, affects the energy and ultimately the purity of the milk. Thus, he prefers to milk the cows naturally as our forefathers did. During the infamous floods, Pravin risked his life and played a major role in helping us rescue stranded cows.

“गाय असेल तर आम्ही आहोत, गाय नसेल तर आम्ही नाही” - says Pravin, while pledging to spend his entire life in the service of Gau Mata.