We are a Family of Farmers, on a mission to spread the Organic Slow Food Revolution across India. Bringing back slow, conscious, primitive farming methods is the key to disease-free healthy life. Starting with our home- Mumbai, we’ve created a farm to fork service to push out pesticide produce from our lives and make room for organic farm-fresh produce. To create a larger, lasting impact, we’ve partnered with 500+ certified organic farmers across India to bring only the best quality greens for your family. We started off as a father-son venture, but we’ve successfully managed to convert our entire family into passionate farmers.

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3 P ' s Our Mantra

Ever visited a far-off village and had delicious saag with uber-soft roti?

Tastes heavenly, doesn’t it?

But where’s that ‘desi-swaad’ in our regular market-bought food?

And what’s the secret behind that unusual flavour in village food?

Slowly, Naturally, Purely, & Locally-grown produce. That’s their secret. And Our Purpose!

~ To make flavourful, 100% safe produce accessible to your family at the comfort of your home, throughout the year.


Slow :
To let nature take its time and nourish our food at its pace.

Natural :
To naturally fertilize our soil and protect it from toxic chemicals.

Pure :
To conduct quality checks and audits on water, soil, and the environment.

Local :
To proudly grow and deliver Indian-only harvest.


Conventional food contains antibiotics, growth hormones and vaccines that slowly poison the body.

We strongly believe that Mother Nature can sustain us all. Thus, we practice ancient regenerative Cow-based farming and reject the harmful usage of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals.

No additives go into our soil except water.

We perform mulching, rainwater harvesting, conscious cattle rearing, and composting. Our products are freshly handpicked from the farm with strict quality checks eliminating substandard products.

But Why Choose Us.


The way Nature intended it to be.
If allowed, Nature is capable of creating and sustaining the perfect blend of nutrients required for a healthy life. Even though adulterating the natural process with toxic fertilizers and pesticides is considered “conventional” practice, we believe in letting Nature produce our food at its own pace and in its own unique way. When all the elements: Soil, Sun, Water, & Air are Pure and Untouched- they give birth to Clean Nutrient-rich Food. Our farm is fully Organic certified with monthly internal audits, and yearly audits from the organic certification board. Our harvest is grown as per NPOP standards. Which means- 0% Toxins, and 100% Health.


Know exactly where it comes from.
A few questions go unanswered when we buy food from the market.
● How and where was it grown?
● What chemicals might they have used to grow it?
● Were the farmers paid well for their labour?
● Is it really clean & organic as it claims?
There’s usually no way to trace it back to the farm it grew on, let alone the farming practices used to cultivate it. Our harvest is 100% certified-organic, cultivated on a slow, sustainable farm by farmers who are experts in the art of Primitive Cow-based Farming. We use non-GMO; a.k.a “Desi” seeds, so you can experience the rich Indian flavours and the goodness of clean food every day. We offer 100% Traceability and complete access to information related to your food. Shoot us an Email, Call Us or Visit our Farm to know more about your Food.


It's logic, really.
We are stockbrokers, so we look at problems practically. You, us, everyone, have a common problem- Weakened Immunities. See Adulterated Toxic Food = Weakened Immunities = Diseased Bodies = Unsound Minds = Unhappy Humans. So, if we rectify Step 1, we transform the chain into: Clean Organic Food = Strong Immunities = Thriving Bodies = Sound Minds = Happy Humans. We’ve done our part. The rest is up to you.

What They say about us

“I love knowing exactly where the food on our plates has come from. It’s fresh, it’s organic and hasn’t travelled halfway around the world to reach us. Keep up the good work!”
Manasee Shika
“Ghee and Makkhan are magical.
Took us back to the days when it tasted the same way Nani used to make in Punjab. Thank you for this gem.”
Ruchi Surana
“Changed the way of life.
Helped cope with the gut issues that my mother in law has been facing since long after having the organic vegetables and flour. Much recommended.”
Jigna Nisar
“Started ordering from them in lockdown.
The owner himself went out of the way to deliver. Commendable.
A true fan of their produce.”

Our Achievements

1200+ Families Served/year

50,000+ Crops

450+ Farm Employees

104 tonnes of Food Produced/year

15,000+ Customers Online

150 Partner Farmers

60+ Happy Cows

1 Lakh+ litre of Rain Water Harvested

15,000+ Customers Online

150 Partner Farmers

60+ Happy Cows

1 Lakh+ litre of Rain Water Harvested

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