Kisaan Shiksha

We Can Say We Empower Farmers. But That Isn’t Entirely True.

They Empower us. They are the reason we’re still going after battling every struggle in the book. And we believe it’s high time they get the platform and credit they deserve.
So, we’ve made it our Mission to support small and marginal farmers and transform their lives by creating sustainable livelihoods for them.

We travel across India to meet new farmers, have a dialogue about the future of Farming, and create mutually-beneficial partnerships along the way.
We start by spreading awareness about Sustainability, and progress to helping them make the switch from Chemical-based farming to Organic.
Our aim is to help our farmer folk be truly Happy, by providing a fixed market to sell their produce, so they can farm and earn sustainably.

But making a switch like that is never easy. For some farmers, Chemical Farming is the only method they’ve known for decades.
Thus, our Training Programs are designed to make sure they succeed by supporting them throughout this period.

These Trainings are given by our Expert Farmers on topics like-

  • Preparing Green Manure
  • Organic Composting
  • Cropping Patterns
  • Mixed Cropping
  • Natural methods of Crop Protection
  • Storage and Harvesting techniques.

Our staff regularly visits our partner farmers to supervise their production and provide timely solutions to their problems. Our Expert Panel resolves farmers’ queries over Whatsapp messages and video calls. We also arrange visits to successful organic farms and exhibitions, to facilitate knowledge exchange and boost the confidence of budding Organic farmers.