Care-free Cattle

Care-free Cattle

“घतृक्षीरप्रदा गावो घतृयोन्यो घतृो द्भवाः। घतृनद्यो घतृा वर्ता स्ता मेसन्तसु दा गहृे॥ घतं ृ मेहृदयेनि त्यघं तं ृ नाभ्यांप्रति ष्ठि तम।् घतं ृ सर्वेषगु ात्रषे ुघतं ृ मेमनसि स्थि तम॥् गावो ममाग्रतो नि त्यगं ावः पषृ् ृठत एव च। गावो मेसर्वतर्व र्व श्चवैगवांमध्येवसाम्यहम॥् नास्ति मातसृमा छाया नास्ति मातसृमा गति ः । नास्ति मातसृमत्रं ाणनं ास्ति मातसृमा प्रपा॥ माता केसमान कोई छाया नही,ं कोई आश्रय नहीं, कोई सरुक्षा नहीं। माता केसमान इस वि श्व मेंकोई जीवनदाता नहीं॥”

"There is no shade like a mother, no resort-like a mother, no security like a mother, no other ever-giving fountain of life!" So, we’ve made it our Mission to support small and marginal farmers and transform their lives by creating sustainable livelihoods for them.

At Kedia Organics, we strictly abide by the principles of Ahimsa. One look at our Gaushala and you’ll find Indigenous Humpy Gir Cows roaming around freely, feasting on superfoods like Wheatgrass, Ashwagandha, and Brahmi, without a worry in the world.

At our Gaushala, Cows are not just considered sacred, but are respected like our Mothers, and treated with the utmost love. They shed in large airy spaces, nourish their calves with milk and affection, get a great deal of exercise roaming around at the farm, and munch on the occasional fruits and veggies. Our Cows are happy. And as a result, the Milk they produce is of exceptional quality.

We believe in simply utilizing what is in abundance right at our doorstep. Ours is an ancient Cow-based Farming Model, and we heavily rely upon the symbiotic relationship between the farm and the Gaushala. The farm produces fodder for our Cows, and the Cows bless us with Green Manure for naturally fertilizing the farm. This cycle of support and harmony is just how nature intended it to be.