Brand Story - The Kedia Organic Agro Farms

Since 1992, when Mr. Dinesh Kedia  bought his first agricultural land in Thane (Maharashtra), he believed in something greater than just selling fresh food. He believed in nature itself. The land, the sea, the air, the elements. It’s a remarkable thing. It brings families together, supports communities, and gives farmers a means. It offers nutrients to our bodies, and joy to our taste buds.
At Kedia Organic Agro Farms, we don’t just respect nature, we’re driven by it. Our prices, our produce – all determined by nature. It enriches everyone and everything.
With a diverse team of agricultural experts and  farmers cultivating on acres of land, the father-son brand - 'Kedia Organics' is anything but small. Kedia Organics offers a wide range of organic produce like fruits, vegetables, ayurvedic herbs, dairy products, rice, millets and so on from their organic land near Mumbai. Initially, Mr. Dinesh Kedia cultivated organic wheat-grass on a small patch of land by himself. But with the increase in demand, he leveled out the entire farm and started cultivating organic wheatgrass on a larger scale. The farm was later commercialized to cultivate organic produces. 
Growing up, Mr. Nitin Kedia had the fortune of experiencing the health benefits of organic produce first hand and he understood it's value in a country like India. After completing his Masters in the UK, he joined his father's farm. Now the father-son duo is running the farm successfully and has leased nearly 100 or more acres of land to keep up with the rising demands. During 2016, Kedia organics received its organic certification and the same year the e-commerce website was introduced into the market. The farm has grown a lot from where it started, currently, we have expanded our farms with a2 milk , a2 ghee & a2 paneer production. At Kedia farming, we aim to help the customers remain healthy by offering them quality produce.