Brand Story - The Kedia Organic Agro Farms

Brand Story

The Kedia Farm in Mumbai started off as Mr Dinesh Kedia’s passion project, with just 2 cows, acres of barren land, and a patch of awkwardly growing wheatgrass.
When they started their journey, they couldn’t afford to hire help, so he and his son; Nitin did it all. From ploughing the fields to harvesting, and delivery, the duo managed everything effortlessly. One of the best Kedia Organics initiatives was contributing freshly harvested wheatgrass to the patients at The TATA Memorial Cancer Hospital.

The overwhelming love and positive response received from the patients inspired them to take the next BIG step in their farming journey- Turning their Passion into a home-grown business. But they hadn’t thought of commercializing their venture just yet.

In 2009, Nitin left for the UK to pursue a Masters degree in Finance. There, he had the rare chance to interact with organic farmers and native communities and to observe the art of primitive farming in all its glory. He realized that a lot of what these farmers believed in was what his dad used to tell him as a kid “Soil is gold”. He never understood the true significance of it, until he witnessed first-hand the benefits of organic food on people’s health and the community as a whole. Their ideas and indigenous methods inspired him to turn their farm into a self-sustaining organic ecosystem.

When he returned to India Kedia Organics had no customers, but his focus was on simply improving the quality and quantity of the produce through Primitive Farming Methods. They worked on the farms, made fencing, cold storages, greenhouses, warehouses, hired the best horticulturists, and applied for organic certifications. Today, Kedia Organics is a fully certified organic farm with 15,000+ loyal customers. Some days YouTube came to their rescue, some days it was learning from their mistakes. It’s been an exciting roller-coaster journey for the duo ever since.

Let’s hear from Nitin...

“As a kid, I cherished the time spent on our ancestral farm in Rajasthan. Dad was a stockbroker, so workdays were awfully packed. But I used to patiently wait for the weekends when he would take our entire family to picnic on the farm. My 13 cousins (yes, we’re a big family) and I would run around the farm playing all sorts of games. We used to join dad in ploughing the farm, watering the plants, and picking fresh fruits and vegetables for our meals. I used to silently watch dad working on the farm. I loved the way he gently cared for each sapling. He would plant tiny seeds and they’d magically become large trees. I used to think he had superpowers. I still do."

“There’s a story behind every grain you buy from us. And the best part is that you have the power to trace it. Back to the organic farm it grew on, and to the farmer who nurtured it with tender devotion. Here are two farm stories that are especially close to my heart."

The Papaya Tragedy:

“In 2016, we planted over 40,000 Papaya seedlings on our Farm. It was one of our biggest achievements. We loved, cared for, and nurtured those babies into 6-month old healthy plants. And in just one night, The Infamous Mumbai Floods washed away all our hopes. Overnight, our biggest achievement had turned into our worst nightmare. To make it worse, our biggest greenhouse and cow shed tumbled. We lost 2 healthy cows. Our hearts broke. We shed tears. Then got up, dusted ourselves, and began again.”

The Pineapple Prosperity:

“I reluctantly planted a few rows of Pineapple seedlings on our farm. We weren’t sure if they’d do well. But we gave them all our love & attention. 7 months later, on a bright morning, I witnessed a fully-ripened-sun-yellow pineapple peeking at me through all the trees. I’m telling you, that’s what love at first sight is all about! I would give anything to go back and experience that moment of joy again. With our successes and bitter-sweet experiences as mini case studies- we started educating neighbor farmers on the benefits of organic and sustainable farming practices. Some of them continued their ways, but 150 farmers decided to join us! They are now our Partners in Green. With trial and error (lots), we finally found our sweet spot. Slowly, our 22-acre farm turned into a collection of 150+ acres of farmland across India. We now hold 8 farms across India." The Journey of this Farming Family is an inspiring tale of passion and perseverance. This father-son duo not only expanded their business across India but also spread their infectious spirit and love for organic farming among small-scale farmers and family members alike. Today, all members of the Kedia Family are Farmers. Even the little ones!