website Mushroom Button Organic - 200 Gms

Mushroom Button Organic - 200 Gms

Exotic Vegetables
Rs. 79.00
Rs. 79.00

Button mushrooms are small white tender mushrooms that have an earthy taste and chewy texture when cooked. They are great for making stews, salads, soups, pasta and pizzas. Button mushrooms can be baked, roasted, sautéted, grilled, or stewed. They contain potassium, selenium, amino acids, vitamin D, riboflavin, phosphorus, zinc, folate, and manganese and are low in calories. It also helps in boosting the immune system of our body. Organic button mushrooms are free of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. We deliver this fresh from our farm to your home.

Storage tips:
Wrap it in a paper towel / bag and store in the refrigerator.

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