website Lemon Grass / Nimbu Chai Organic - 150 Gms

Lemon Grass / Nimbu Chai Organic - 150 Gms

Leafy Vegetables
Rs. 69.00
Rs. 69.00

Lemongrass is mainly used in salads. The lower root at the lemongrass is not edible. It has a citrusy flavour and is also used in teas, drinks, juices, and more. Lemongrass has a lot of health benefits. It has a calming effect that helps in stress and insomnia, it treats fever, aches, and colds, it cleanses the liver, kidneys and digestive system. Organic and sustainably grown lemongrass are now delivered straight to your doorstep. There are no added chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

Storage tips:

Wrap it in a paper towel and store in the refrigerator.


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