website Chilli Big / Bhajji Mirchi Organic - 150 Gms

Chilli Big / Bhajji Mirchi Organic - 150 Gms

Farm Fresh Vegetables
Rs. 25.00
Rs. 25.00

Chilli bhajji is most famously known for its use in making bhajjis (fritters). It has a beautiful green colour and is less spicy compared to regular chillies. Coat these chillies in your besan batter with or without a stuffing and deep fry in the oil to make a delicious snack. This snack is a famous street food, especially in South India. These chillies have numerous benefits like keeping our digestive system healthy, good for diabetes and many more. It is high in vitamin C and has zero calories. 

Storage tips:
Store it in a bag / pouch in the refrigerator.

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