Our Standards

At Kedia Organics, we do not just preach organic farming but also follow them every step of the way. From sowing the seeds to crop rotation every single technique we follow is natural and influenced by the ancient old farming techniques that are traditional and efficient. Some of the features that have made our organic farming a stand out from the others include,


GMO-free farming


Organic farming is not just about avoiding pesticides and chemical fertilizers but also includes avoiding GMO crops. A GMO or a genetically modified organism is a kind of plant or animal or any other microorganism whose genetic makeup has been modified in the lab for creating more produce. At Kedia Organics, we use natural seeds and other techniques for growing the crops and avoid the usage of GMO based hybrid seeds.


Natural fertilizers


At Kedia Organics we use natural fertilizers that improve the fertility of the soil and allow the plant to reap more naturally. We use the naturally formed cow dung based fertilizers and green manure for enriching the soil during and in-between the cultivation. The cow dung can be mixed into the soil to act as a nutrient-rich fertilizer and it can also be used on the upper layer of the soil to increase the moisture-holding capacity. To decrease the ammonia level in the cow dung we use composted cow dung that can eliminate harmful Ammonia gas and pathogens along with the weeds.


Along with that we also use mulching techniques to retain the moisture in the soil. Even though cow dung is a natural mulch that is commonly used there are also other forms of natural mulches that are widely used by us to improve the nutrition of the soil and to retain the moisture content. We avoid the usage of plastic that is found in conventional farming.




At Kedia organics, we believe in performing smart work rather than hard work. So to reap more produce, we follow the inter-cropping techniques that allow us to reap more crops and utilize the space to the maximum extent. We use handmade, natural techniques to conduct farm tuning that brings us close to nature.


We aim to improve the quality of food consumed by the people by starting on a small level and spreading awareness throughout the country with our quality products.