The Kedia Experience

The Fresh Experience/Handpicked From the Farm


At Kedia Organics we believe in freshness and health. We offer the freshest, tastiest, nutrient rich produce possible through organic farming. Purchase fresh farm produce, directly to your home from us. Every single ingredient is handpicked to ensure freshness, quality and purity. The fresh fruits and vegetables, aromatic spices, rich herbs, pure oils, and healthy powders are the proof of our nature oriented farming.


Grown by Passionate Farmers


Our Endeavor is to develop organic farming in India through continuous practice and proper teaching. Our farmers support our beliefs with their passionate farming techniques. From soil rotation to cultivation our farmers use natural  techniques like natural, self-made fertilizers to enrich the nutrients in the soil. They love their soil and they also love producing healthy produce with less impact on the environment.


The Sustainable Farming


Our farmers follow sustainable agricultural techniques to maintain the quality of the soil. We hope to sustain the farmers, resources and communities by promoting farming techniques and ideas that deliver profits and are  environmentally sound. Our sustainable agricultural technique is economically viable and socially supportive. Along with obtaining healthy produce we also concentrate on improving and maintaining the nutrients of the soil to ensure productivity for the upcoming generations.


Traceability /Transparency


The concept of transparency has become more important to the consumers when it comes to food. To improve your trust in us we demonstrate the quality of the product with product certifications and by capturing quality data throughout the supply chain. We offer certified organic products that can be consumed without any worry on adulteration and food frauds. Our products are Scientifically tested and proved to be organic from some of the best test centres in the country.


Chemical Free/Ethical Farming


Our farmers Right from cultivation to the reaping every single process is practised without the use of any chemicals. We use self prepared organic fertilisers and pesticides to improve the health of the soil and maintain the nutrients within the produce. We believe in creating an ecological balance through organic farming and our practices imply the same.