website Wheat Sarbati / Akha Genu Organic - 1 Kg

Wheat Sarbati / Akha Genu Organic - 1 Kg

Pulses & Cereals
Rs. 60.00
Rs. 60.00

Sarbati wheat flour is made from the wheat of the Sehore region of Madhya Pradesh. Cultivated with the right amount of rain and soil that are rich in potash, it is one of the best wheat which is high in protein content when compared to other types. Sarbati wheat flour is recognized for its high dietary properties and essential nutrients that aid in the growth of red blood cells, enhance energy levels, better eyesight, good digestion, and improve cardiovascular health.

Storage tips:

Remove items from original packaging immediately and transfer it in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture.

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