website Puffed Rice / Kurmura Organic - 100 Gms

Puffed Rice / Kurmura Organic - 100 Gms

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Rs. 45.00

Puffed rice, also known as murmura, is a core ingredient for the famous crunchy, delicious Indian street food 'Bhel Puri.' Puffed rice is processed by heating the rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of steam. This cereal grain is also used in making breakfast and other snacks. It is extremely light and is a low-calorie food. Puffed rice is a rich source of vitamin D, calcium, iron, and fiber. It helps in promoting digestion, boosting immunity, maintaining blood pressure, nourishing the skin, and strengthening bones.

Storage tips:

Remove items from original packaging immediately and transfer it in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture.

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