website Foxtail Millet / Kangani Organic - 500 Gms

Foxtail Millet / Kangani Organic - 500 Gms

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Rs. 100.00

Foxtail millet is more commonly known as Kangni or Kakum in the Indian subcontinent. It is widely used in Southern Indian states. It provides a high amount of vitamin B12. Foxtail millet has more protein and fats when compared to regular rice. It helps in keeping the heart healthy, provides better functioning of the nervous systems and is a good agent for hair and skin growth. Foxtail millets can be used to cook various Indian recipes. Generally used in breakfast whilst also added to bread, muffins, or granola for some extra crunchiness.

Storage tips:

Remove items from original packaging immediately and transfer it in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture.

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