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Healthy and Crunchy.

Want to stay healthy and still wanna eat tasty food? Mix chana with your favourite veggies, mix lime juice. Would recommend 10/10

Great flavourable product.

Super product.. It is super favourable... I really loved it.
This product is making my recipes more and more tasty.... Just loved it!

Really really good.

I made besan ladoo using this besan... and ohh boy. They turned out so so good.
I can vouch for this brand and besan.

Quality product

It was clean, seedless and had sweet n sour natural taste. Loved the quality, packaging and taste. Unlike locally bought tamarinds- it doesn't decay even after opening the pack

Aromatic and tasty

I was very pleased with the quality and flavor of the Ajwain seeds. I have found that a pinch of these add a lot of flavor to many dishes. I am so glad that I tried something new. This is such a versatile product and it's so reassuring to know that they are organic.

Great value and quality

This stuff is amazing. It's takes a few weeks to notice a difference but it has helped me so much. Has helped me feel less stressed than usual and less overwhelmed. I've lost weight as a result and even started giving it to my 19 yr old daughter who has ADHD and anxiety and it's helped her as well. I tell everyone about it when they ask me what I've been doing lately because they noticed a difference too. Very pleased with this product and value for the money.


Good in test

Healthy and nutritious

I am on herbal-life diet and for lunch I use it while making roti along with ragi n wheat.

Fresh product.

I had recently purchased these spring onions, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality and freshness of the product. The taste is also awesome.

Happy with the Quality!

These some of the best cherry tomatoes I have had in a while. A must try..


In regular cooking there's no change in taste of food, but I have noted that the taste of the rotis has changed (and is much better ) but doesn't taste like groundnuts so nothing to worry about. Also noted that flatulence for all family members has tremendously decreased after using groundnut oil in cooking

Nice product

I used it with coconut oil ,some curry leaves and with fenegreek powder ...
If any one had grey hairs at ages heat coconut oil after boiling add some curry leaves some amount of fenegreek powder and some amount of Amla powder to it ... After adding let it heat for 10 mts .. let it cool for some time and store in bottle .... Use twice r thrice a week .. your grey hair will vanish and ur hair will become soft after washing with shampoo ... Apply it and leave for atleast 2 hours then wash with mild shampoo .

What all produce should be

Very fresh, firm and bright in color. Deliciously fresh produce, always top quality from Kedia Organics. Better than my local supermarket!

Fresh produce, nice sized portion, buy it - it's good for you!

I've ordered broccoli from Kedia organic several times and loved it. Fresh and tasty.

Amazing packaging and best quality rice grain!

The bullet rice of popular essentials are very good in terms of quality and quantity!
The rice can be used for white rice and dosa as well. The quality of the grain is up to the mark.
Comes in a safely packed box and sealed jute bag could be stored in itself for later use!
Popular essentials is the brand I look up to for monthly grocery shopping

Impressed with sweet and refreshening flavor

Impressed with most Organic Mountain citrus. Grapefruit very sweet and delicious. Delivered quicker than advertised. I'm the only one eating grapefruit in my home because my husband is partial to oranges. But I found these refreshing yet sweet and long lasting. As they softened, I kept them refrigerated rather than at room temperature to ensure they would last. I was not disappointed!

Long shelf life than expected

Tasty red cabbage. Long shelf life. Great value for the money. I used it for juicing after keeping it in the refrigerator for several weeks. It was still very good.


Happy with the quality of this fruit.

Good quality

I have bought these bananas several times and have always been satisfied. They ship them in a which which they are perfect to eat the next day.

I love it.

I love it, I had chronic constipation, thanks to this, I no more have that problem...
It has also improved my hemoglobin level and my skin texture..remarkable product
don't hesitate while buying it.

Amazing taste and loved the quality.

Every morning i eat almonds and when these almonds have the best Taste. when you chew the almonds you don't get the dry taste of it, happy for the purchase.

Quite an experience 😍

Loved this product..old Emmer flour.
Much healthier than normal wheat. It tastes wonderful. Easy to make and rich in flavour,I have started taking it regularly. Completely voch for this product.

Genuine Product

This product has a very good affect on my health. It tastes similar to the giloy juice so I assume that the product is freshly made.*

Amazing product for one's health.

Very good quality. Will surely recommend it to others

Must for people with stomach problems!!!

Best results !!! Very happy with this product.
Must for people with stomach problems.
I have being using it for 1 month now. And it suggests to use it for 3 months which I will continue. Reordered this product also recommend.

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