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Organic Amla Powder / Indian Gooseberry Powder - 100 Gms - Kedia Organic Agro Farms
Amla is famous for its medicinal properties of healing and wellness. It is a powerhouse of vitamin C, which improves the immunity system and is an energy booster. Amla reduces heart risks, improves your skin, helps in strengthening and thickening...
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Organic Ashwagandha Powder - 100 Gms - Kedia Organic Agro Farms
Ashwagandha is a strong healing herb and it is widely used in Ayurveda. It contains strong anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and antioxidant effects. Ashwagandha powder is used as a dietary supplement. It boosts your immunity, reduces the effects of stress and anxiety,...
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Super Food Powder - Bundle Pack
Our superfood powder pack consists of 5 superfood powders i.e. Moringa, Ashwagandha, Wheatgrass, Giloy and Spirulina powder. Moringa powder - Boosts metabolism, enhances skin health and contains a high amount of chlorophyll. Ashwagandha powder - Relieves stress and anxiety, improves...
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